Thunderbirds Fairylite Accessories



Right. Anorak on.

You are in to the minutiae now.



Only Jeff came without any accessories / extras.

Quite often these all important parts are missing. This consequently drastically devalues the toy.

Ensure all accessories are there & undamaged.


Here is the definitive guide as to what should be with each doll.


The Pilots.

Hat. Blue moulded plastic.

With plastic - not paper - IR badge. This is prone to becoming detached.


Sash. In the appropriate colour.


Bottles. 2 of. One grey, one orange.

Often, the colour bleeds into the sash.



Gun. Grey moulded plastic. Very representative of the ones from the TV series.

These have been reproduced.


Badge. Moulded plastic.

Detailed in silver & red paint. Bronze safety pin fastener to rear.


These too have been reproduced.



Chauffeur's hat.

Brown moulded plastic. Black painted detail.

I also have a version of this hat moulded in grey & overpainted brown.




The full set of accessories for Brains make him the hardest doll to find in totally complete condition.

I have two (2) of these dolls, both unused & in "ex-shop" condition.


Glasses. Blue plastic.


Pliers. 2 piece moulded grey plastic (Same plastic as the guns)


Spanner. One piece grey plastic.



Pink moulded plastic.

This is so, so small. Very seldom seen with the Brains doll.

Would not be allowed in this day & age.

Choking hazard. Swallowing hazard. Just a hazard full stop.




Not wooden. If you have a wooden pencil it's not genuine.

In fact, I know who made them (not me, before you ask).

I know who took delivery of them to fill their pencil-less Brains pockets & who passes them off as "second issue".

What next, a wooden Penelope cigarette holder?

Final words.

A wooden one & you've been duped. Sorry, a victim of salesman's patter......................



Lady Penelope.

Cigarette holder. Black plastic , yes, plastic!!

Detailed in gold paint.

Stem is flimsy & prone to snapping.


Stand. White plastic. Heart shaped.

Plastic is quite brittle & does break & chip. Especially the feet holders.



Tin - Tin

Black plastic rectangular stand.