Thunderbirds Fairylite Boots & Shoes



Right. Anorak on. Again.

You are in to the minutiae now.


Boots and shoes.

And Buttons.


Boots and shoes.

The Pilots.

All the boots for the pilots are identically moulded. White plastic. Jointed down the middle.

Sometimes the boots have the relevant sash colour replicated, sometimes they do not.

Why? I don't know.

They are not marked in any way.

They are difficult to get on & off.

Try too hard & the heel will split. The fronts are prone to splitting without any prompting whatsoever.



Jeff, Brains, & Parker.

The shoes for Jeff, Brains & Parker are identically moulded - in one piece.

The distinction is in the colour of the plastic used. All 3 pairs are in a different colour.

They look like sixties football boots.

They are not marked in any way.

Easy to get on & off though.........not like the boots!!!

They DIDN'T ever come with Action Man black slip on shoes.



The Girls.

Lady Penelope had 2 types of footwear.

Boots - White - supplied with the boxed doll, Red - supplied with one of the outfits.

Exactly the same 2 piece mould.

They are marked Hong Kong on the side of each boot.

Open toe high heel shoes.

White, black or blue - supplied with the outfits.

One shoe marked Hong Kong, the other unmarked.



Tin - Tin came with white kitten heel shoes with a bow - all moulded in one piece white plastic.


Hole in the bottom of each.





The Boys.

All buttons for the male dolls are identical.

One piece moulded soft plastic. Sort of like a drawing pin. The plastic shaft is pushed through the material

and then exposed to a heat source to expand & flatten the tip & so keep the button in place.

There are brown buttons and there are white buttons.


The pilots.

All sash belts are fastened at the rear by a button. Colour varies.


Cardigan has 4 (Four) non functional buttons. Brown.



Chauffeur's coat has 8 (Eight) non functional buttons. Brown.



Lab coat has 2 (Two) functional buttons for fastening. White.


The Girls

Lady Penelope

has 4 (Four) non functional red buttons on the outfit supplied with the boxed doll.

They are the same size as the boys' buttons but are hard plastic &  sewn on.


Tin - Tin

has no buttons.