Thunderbirds Fairylite Doll Heads & Bodies



Right. Anorak on.

You are in to the minutiae now.


The Dolls



In my opinion the heads bear a great deal of resemblance to the puppets from the series.

And that's not surprising in the light of this - posted on the Eagle Transporter forum site

by "Air Terrainean" -

"Puppet sculptor John Brown did however sculpt the heads for the Fairylite Thunderbirds figures."


There are 2 versions of each male dolls head. Pink lips & natural lips.


I don't know - perhaps they ran out of paint...........


The heads for Penelope & Tin Tin are exactly the same mould.

Penelope has pale lips, Tin Tin's are red.



The male bodies are all identical and are blown plastic.

So are the limbs and feet.

The hands are moulded.

A looped piece of elastic links the head to the top of each leg. Another looped piece of elastic links the arms.

Elbows, knees & ankles are jointed by plastic pins.

It is all very similar to Action Man, although a much cheaper, flimsier construction.

And the forearms, thighs & ankles don't twist.

Combat Johnny style................



There are 2 backstamps

"Made In Hong Kong" on the torso.

"Hong Kong" on the pelvis.


Penelope & Tin Tin are almost - but significantly not quite - the same.

Both only articulate at the neck, shoulders & hips.

The torsos are the same shape - Penelope is stamped "Hong Kong", whilst Tin Tin is stamped

"Evergreen -  Made in Hong Kong No 1011". (See bottom picture)

The arms are the same except Penelope has a hole made in her left hand for her cigarette holder - Tin Tin's hands have the added bonus of knuckles.

The legs are totally different.

Penelope has slim legs & feet moulded to accommodate a heel.

Tin Tin has what can only be described as thunderthighs, fat calves and flat feet - with holes in. Poor girl.