Thunderbirds & Lady Penelope Fairylite Dolls




Fairylite "Quality" Toys...................If ever there was a misnomer. I suspect we have the quality aspect for their relative rarity these days.


10 were produced, however there are 2 different versions of Jeff and 3 of Tin-Tin, making a total of 13 to collect for the completist.

There are other MINOR variations.

These dolls were definitely available towards the latter end of 1966.


The boxes for all the male dolls were generic.

The contents were merely - in some cases - ink-stamped on the bottom flap. The cardboard is extremely flimsy and good boxes are hard to find. All boxes for the male dolls contained a gold insert.

The boxes for Lady Penelope & Tin-Tin were individualised.


"Fully jointed body can be put into any ACTION position"...................Mmmmmmmmmm. I think not.

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Heads & Bodies in detail  WARNING - This page contains plastic nudity.



All important. And the easiest things to break or lose.


Accessories in detail


Also important - also easy to get confused with ones from other figures / dolls


Boots, Shoes & Buttons in detail