Thunderbirds JR 21 3D Painting Sets



JR21 produced 4 different 3D painting sets, copyright 1964 A. P. FILMS LTD.


All had generic boxes- showing Lady Penelope Scores A Hit artwork - the contents being identified by means of a sticker in the bottom right hand corner of the outer sleeve of the box.

Each set contained 3 printed sheets of card - background, middle distance & foreground, to be painted & then cut out & assembled in the tray of the box, which acts as a frame.

Each set contained 10 different coloured paints - which appear to be identical for each set but in a different numerical order - arranged in a cardboard pallet -  and a brush.


All of the ones I have have an original price of 14/11 on them.


Click on the pictures below to take you to the individual set.