Lady Penelope JR21 FAB1 Friction




The pictures below show the friction motor FAB 1 and box in detail.


1: Top view.

Lady Penelope & Parker are clearly visible. Parker in his chauffeurs outfit, Penelope in pink.

Ensure the canopy is scratch & crack free.

2: Left side view.

This illustrates how low & sleek the model is.

Ensure the tyres are white & the hub caps tarnish free.

3: Right side view.

4: Bottom view.

The base is held on by 5 screws. The riveting for the friction motor can be seen, as can the switch the activate the guns.

5: Front view.

The bumper & grille are all one moulding.  The is no "Spirit of Ecstasy" mascot on this vehicle.

The white front number plate is susceptible to peeling & flaking.

The headlights are clear plastic.

6: Rear view.

The number plate is black. The main lights are red transparent plastic. The fin lights are chromed & do tend to go missing.

7: Guns ejected.

8: Box lid.

9: Box side view.

10: Box base.

3 cardboard packing pieces plus transit band.

11: Box end.

12: Car as originally packed in base.