JR21 Thunderbird 2




The pictures below show the friction Thunderbird 2 in detail.

In this case it's the Empire version.


1: Top view.

The "Thunderbird 2", "2" & "T2" are transfers. The yellow detail is paint.

2: Underside view.

Text on motor housing reads No 2  Made in Hong Kong.

The small wheel at the front can be used to steer the toy.

The legs merely fold out. If they are broken near the top - the plastic - don't consider buying the toy. They are nigh on impossible to replace or mend.

The plastic on this version is white.

3: Right hand view.

4:Left hand side view.

5: Front view.

6: Rear view.

The booster inserts are foil

7: Pod.

The door opens by means of two plastic hinges

8: Wings - top view.

These insert into the side of the toy. They are held in place by the 3 small ridges. Excessive use causes the ridges to erode.

9: Wings - bottom view.

10: Pod vehicle.

In the Empire version it's a jeep. Red or green. Anything else & it's not right. The Mole did not come with this version of the toy.

11: Pod vehicle underside.

Bears the text "Made in Hong Kong".


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