JR21 Thunderbird 4





The pictures below show the battery operated Thunderbird 4 in detail.

This toy isn't exactly play with straight from the box........

It requires the most assembly of all the JR21s.........

OK. Zero X isn't a JR21 - it's a Century 21 toy.

Thunderbird 4 works on land and in water. So the box says.................


1: Top view.

This is the hull of the toy with nothing attached.

All the red detail on the hull is spray painted on.

The black mass on the left is the motor, on the right the battery compartment.

Modern day batteries will not fit this toy unless you buy paper clad ones & peel them.

The motor drives the wheels (for movement on land) and turns the propeller (for movement in water).

2: Bottom view.

This is the yellow based version. There is a black based variant.

The toy can be steered on land by the front wheel. The direction of this can be changed. The assembly is ratcheted.

The rudder steers it in water, presumably, as the wheel assembly has a paddle, the front wheel would too..........

3: Right side view.

The stickers on this toy do peel. Beware. Don't put them in water!!!!!!

4: Left side view.

The little black piece is the on/off switch.

5: Front view.

6: Back view.

7: Top fin.

This also doubles as the battery cover / battery contacts. It slides into place.

8: Lighting trough.

This clips into place at the front. There is a piece of perspex in the front.

This is the part that is most often broken.

9: 2 rear thrusters.

Push in at the rear.

10: The rudder.

Fits into a hole next to the propeller. Usually missing. Read on.

Some versions of the toy do not come with a rudder BUT they do not have the necessary hole.

If its got a hole & no rudder it's not complete.

11: Aquanaut Gordon Tracy

Just as it says on the box. A moulded plastic figure of Gordon sits at the steering wheel.


For information: This toy is new & unused. It's one of a batch that came out of a warehouse in old Hong Kong.

The one pictured here was the only one that had all the internal packaging and packing unopened.


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