JR21 Thunderbird 5




The pictures below show the battery operated Thunderbird 5 in detail.


1: Top view.

Ensure the dome is clear & scratch / crack  free. This version is the screw in dome.

A dark haired John stands inside surrounded by a complex array of dials & buttons and suchlike - courtesy of a sticker.

The six lights light up in sequence - they don't "flash" as stated on the box.

See picture 8

2: Underside view.

The toy is marked totally differently to all the other JR21 toys - "Made in Hong Kong Number 507". Quite obviously this toy already existed as a flying saucer & the moulds were modified to produce TB5.

The battery box cover is essential.

3: Right hand view.

"Thunderbird 5" is a paper sticker. As is the "5".

4: Left hand side view.

5: Back view.

Ensure the gates are present & undamaged. This is a common fault with this toy.

6: End view.

Ensure the red dome the holds the antennae is undamaged. And the side rails are there & undamaged.

The red & white paint highlighting is applied haphazardly.

7: The Antennae.

You need 2. The toy came with 3.

The shaft is polished metal. The ends are chromed over clear red plastic - the same plastic as the dome that holds them.

8: Lower inside.

When switched on, the motor (left hand side) causes the white plastic disc to rotate. 2 bulbs - sellotaped to the disc revolve & light the lights. Note the bulbs are angled & positioned differently to pass under the lights from a slightly different perspective.

There is a secondary connection to the motor housed in the wheel box.

There are a couple of cogs under the white disc that generate the "mystery action".

9: Upper inside.

The dome is attached by 3 screws - allowing it to be removed. In some versions the dome is glued in.

In fact this toy has so much glue.

Three plastic prongs & more of the stuff attach the tail section to the main body.


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