Thunderbirds JR21 Toys



A range of toys were made by J Rosenthal (Toys) Limited, commonly known as JR21. All are copyright 1965 A. P. FILMS LTD. J Rosenthal (Toys) Limited later mutated into Century 21 Toys. The J was for Jack - the managing director.


All the major vehicles from the show were produced. They do, however, occur in various (sometimes slightly) different formats .This is usually dependant on the origin, Hong Kong or England, of the manufacture of the toy.

In the Xmas episode of - Give Or Take A Million - the JR21 toys are pictured - see below.


All except TB5 - presumably because it looked nothing like the one in the TV show. TB1 & 3 have had their wheels removed. TB1 has been given legs.


JR21 also produced various other related items. Some more relevant to the series than others..........

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