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It's the mid 1960s. No DVDs, no videos (Well, maybe Elvis had one), and no Sky Plus. How do you get to replay all the exciting moments from the TV programmes?

Super 8 films? Yeah, did that, but they were expensive.

Everyone had a Dansette or something similar. So, record the programme & add extra dialogue, edit it down to 21 minutes & stick it on a 7" 33 R.P.M. vinyl E.P. Which is exactly what Century 21 Productions did.

The Mini- Albums series wasn't just limited to E.Ps. All your TV favourites were there, XL5, Stingray, Captain Scarlet, The Daleks, Tingha & Tucker?, Topo Gigio ?? and Barry Gray got to indulge himself.....

Most of the related E.Ps were based on the TV episodes, however a few were specially written stories and some just contained music.

The front of the cover usually featured a photograph of something relating to the contents.

The white back featured a written synopsis of the contents, details of the (voice) artistes and advertisements for more Century 21 products.

Rear sleeves are pictured only when there is a track listing or something else of interest.

By the way, the greatest Thunderbirds tune was not written by Barry Gray and no, not even Busted.

It's by these guys. .

You can find it on the Sire CD "Can't Stand The Rezillos". RECOMMENDED.

Originally available on the vinyl LP " Mission Accomplished... But The Beat Goes On".

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"I'm glued each week to my TV screen
My favourite show, the best that I've seen
Oh yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah............"


"Sat right down on the edge of my seat
For the TV show that's never been beat
Oh yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah......."

Lyrics & music by kind permission of :

The REZILLOS Fay, Eugene, Angel, Rick and Chris.


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