Thunderbirds Toys Wants List


I suspect that no collection is ever complete. This certainly is the case with mine.

My WANTS LIST is below.

Most of these I know, in the first table below, are out there.......somewhere.

There is now a further table for items that are currently missing in action..........

If you have any of these items and are willing to sell or trade - click here for current items for trade - please click to email me. 

Or type this address in to your e-mail program:


Please do not use this facility to ask for valuations. Emails asking for valuations will be ignored.


The list below is not exhaustive so please offer any 60s item that you think might interest me.





All items must be mint /ex, complete & in original packaging- unless stated.  

  • uniform by Berwick


  • stencil set by Berwick


  • JR21 TB1 friction- ex-shop stock only.


  • JR21 TB3 friction- ex-shop stock only.


  • THUNDERBIRDS Periscope by Bell Toys.


  • Craftmaster painting sets - as follows:

   TH3-Thunderbird 1. TH4-Thunderbird 2. TH5- Thunderbird 3.


  • Kellogg's Sugar Smacks box (Large size).


  • Cadburys butter sponge boxes.


  • Sunshine Vinyls glove puppets.


  • Any "Sharon Lee" items.


  • Any THUNDERBIRDS shop display items.


  • rifle by Crescent Toys.


  • THUNDERBIRDS Linda snowstorms.




  • LADY PENELOPE  JR21 tea set.


  • LADY PENELOPE  carded FAIRYLITE outfits: Blue Ball gown & White Raincoat


  • Battery operated FAB 1 ex shop stock only.










ALWAYS looking to upgrade THUNDERBIRDS Fairylite  

   doll boxes.




       The items listed below are also WANTS.      

       They are known or believed to exist - that is to say there are photos and / or written evidence that these

       were manufactured.

       I'd also be grateful for any proof of existence - especially current.


  • THUNDERBIRDS roller skates - Davies Steel Specialities

  • THUNDERBIRDS party crackers - Tom Smith & Co Ltd.

  • THUNDERBIRDS exercise books & notepads - Thomas Hope & Sankey Hudson.

  • THUNDERBIRDS wall tiles - Skye Ceramics Ltd.

  • THUNDERBIRDS pencil box - Linda/Randall & Wood.

  • THUNDERBIRDS money box - Linda/Randall & Wood.

  • THUNDERBIRDS magic slate board - Linda/Randall & Wood.

  • THUNDERBIRDS pencil by numbers - Kitfix Hobbies Ltd.

  • THUNDERBIRDS footwear & T-shirts - Church & Son Ltd.

  • THUNDERBIRDS finger puppets - Crescent Toy Co. Ltd.

  • LADY PENELOPE shoulder bag - W.R. Davies/Sharon Lee

  • LADY PENELOPE inspired JUDY clothes - English Sewing Ltd.

  • LADY PENELOPE pencil by numbers - Kitfix Hobbies Ltd.