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Hello & welcome to my THUNDERBIRDS pages.

A few background notes to start with............


Back in 1965, an enthralled 6 year old, caught up in the TV adventures of International Rescue naturally wants all the toys and stuff he can get his hands on...............

Now, fast forward 50 years & we find the same child with the same ambition.............

Only now.............he's in charge of the purse strings.


My collection is based on 1960s items that were available in the UK, so no Japanese items, no American items, no Spanish items, no 90s or later items, certainly nothing from the live-action film & most definitely NO REPRO (Well almost.........). Nor will there be anything from the 2015 remake.

As such, these pages are not meant as any definitive THUNDERBIRDS or Gerry Anderson merchandise guide - someone else can try & compile that.............Hello Mr. Nicholson.....

The items & opinions contained within belong to me, unless otherwise stated.


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Last site update 23/02/2016.


Please feel free to   me with any comments, questions or suggestions about the site. The inbox isn't monitored to the standard of Thunderbird 5 but you will get a reply.

Please do not ask for valuations on items - any such emails will not be answered.

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I'd be grateful for any photos of any sixties items not already pictured here.


I hope you find something of interest here or something that may be helpful if you are considering buying any merchandise yourself, as, all items are complete - to the best of my knowledge & belief - unless otherwise stated.


Oh, in case I forget, there's one piece of 1960s merchandise that appears on each & every page.....................the wallpaper.


All original copyrights remain with their respective owners.

Copyrights on all Supermarionation™ related material are held by ITC/PolyGram/Carlton.



Thanks & praises to:


Gerry Anderson MBE (14/04/29 - 26/12/12). Without whom...............none of this.


Trapped in the Sky: ATV. Thursday 30th September 1965.


The Stingray Memorabilia Museum: Ground breaking & inspirational.

Long thought to be lost in the deep forever.

However, it's resurfaced. In a web archive.

I know the collection is no longer together but click the picture to see how glorious it

once was.



Dennis  Nicholson: Without his Gerry Anderson Memorabilia Guide it would have been almost impossible to ascertain who actually made some of this stuff.


Another example of a reference guide. This one was done in real time by Century 21.